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Realm Progress

Reflection of Perfection, formed in February 2006, is one of the older Guilds on Quel'Thalas. We are a mature, social raiding guild, that likes to take our raiding seriously whilst trying to have some good fun !

We have been raiding since the days of vanilla WoW and have experienced most of the raiding that is out there.

We are currently happily raiding the newest bosses on normal/heroic (and some PvP too at the side) in our relaxed and social RofP style.

Battle for Azeroth progress:
Uldir: 5/8 heroic & 7/8 normal

Legion progress:
Antorus: 11/11 hc
Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9 hc
Nighthold: 10/10 hc
Trials of Valor: 3/3 hc
Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 hc + 1/7 mythic

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Argus heroic is no more !
18/02/2018 23:42 by Kielehaal

With a little help from the titans, we made Argus spend the last of his power and got Sargeras imprisoned. Oh, and Illidan found a new goal in life, for the next ten thousand years or so. No more stalking Tyrande. All is well (apart from that huge sword sticking in Azeroth...).

Famous last pull of the evening, after a 1% and 0% wipe... Great job all !


Coven and Aggramar heroic down !
18/02/2018 20:06 by Kielehaal

As usual a bit late in posting, but last Sunday RofP got heroic Coven of Shivarra down. It took quite a few wipes to get those handy demonesses to mop the floor for us, but we managed in the end. Aggramar was a lot more agreeable on releasing his Titan ward, and we got him down on Wednesday.


Kin'garoth & Varimathras trashed !
10/01/2018 15:34 by Kielehaal

Another night, and two more progress bosses down on heroic. Kin'garoth crushed, and Varimathras was put out his misery. He suffered long enough at the (many) hands of the Coven, so it was the right thing to do. We got him in that famous last try of the evening !


Hasabel and Imonar hc down
06/01/2018 18:28 by Kielehaal

Two more flunkies of the dark titan are no more. We said hasta la vista to Hasabel, and Imonar got immolated (which is a rather neat feat without a lock or a mage in the raid :).

Two progress bosses down in one night, nice going RofP raiders !


Happy New Year RofP !
03/01/2018 13:21 by Kielehaal

Dear guildies,

All the best for 2018 for you and your loved ones. May it be a good year in- and outside of WoW ! :D






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