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Reflection of Perfection, formed in February 2006, is one of the older Guilds on Quel'Thalas. We are a progression-minded raiding guild, that likes to take our raiding seriously whilst trying to have some good fun !

We have been raiding since the days of vanilla WoW and have experienced most of the raiding that is out there.

We are currently happily raiding the latest MoP bosses on 25 mans (and some 10 mans and PvP too at the side), and looking forward to Heroic and Mythic raiding in WoD !

Current 25 mans progress:
Siege of Orgrimmar: 14/14 + 14/14hc (last 3 on mythic)

Throne of Thunder: 12/12 + 2/13hc (and 4/13 hc-10)
Mogu'shan Vaults 25: 6/6 + 3/6hc
Heart of Fear 25: 6/6
Terrace of endless Spring 25: 4/4

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Garrosh Mythic down !
20/10/2014 23:24 by Kielehaal

Even though the bosses have been nerfed quite a bit in the pre-Xpac patch, phase 4 of Garrosh Mythic took a bit of learning. We got it nailed though. Gratz all involved on the new shiny title and the two lucky winners on their new mounts !

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Siegecrafter & Klaxxi HC down !
18/10/2014 23:27 by Kielehaal

Sometimes I wonder if the raiding team can only be motivated to make progress when the guildmaster is not there (either that or the pre-Xpac patch helped ;). Either way, two new bosses down on heroic (mythic) mode ! Good job !

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Malkorok 25 heroic down !
03/09/2014 20:44 by Kielehaal

Summer is coming to an end, so the bosses are starting to drop again like leaves. We skipped Malkorok-hc a few times in favour of other bosses, but we did not forget about him and September 1 we did the right thing and put him out of his misery.


Thok 25 heroic down !
21/08/2014 23:16 by Kielehaal

Thok heroic proved to be an even bigger roadblock than on normal, and at times we despaired about ever downing him. Practice makes perfect though, and in the end we prevailed. The endangering specimen is now extinct (well, till next reset anyway :).

Great job all involved in the kill and the learning leading up to it !!

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Spoils of Pandaria 25hc kill !
01/06/2014 09:46 by Kielehaal

It took a while with people taking (extended) break and getting the new recruits up to speed, but Wednesday May 28 RofP managed to down it's 9th boss on 25 heroic. Spoils finally spilled their... well.... euurrr.... spoils.

Nice going !


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RofP is looking for a few more players to strengthen our team. See the forum post for more recruitment info.
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Monk Monk limited (healer)
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