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Reflection of Perfection, formed in February 2006, is one of the older Guilds on Quel'Thalas. We are a social, progression-minded raiding guild, that likes to take our raiding seriously whilst trying to have some good fun !

We have been raiding since the days of vanilla WoW and have experienced most of the raiding that is out there.

We are currently happily raiding the newest WoD bosses on normal/heroic (and some PvP too at the side) in our relaxed and social RofP style, aiming for Mythic raiding !

WoD progress:
Blackrock Foundry: 10/10 hc
Highmaul: 7/7 hc + 2/7 mythic

Recent MoP progress:
Siege of Orgrimmar: 14/14 + 14/14hc (last 3 on mythic)

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Blackhand Heroic IS DEAAAAAAD
21/05/2015 22:34 by Handir

This one took us sometime, But after many wipes, we finally got a perfect transition into p3 and downed him in short order (in short order meaning with most the raid dead).

Good job to rofp!

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Blast Furnace Blasted
03/04/2015 16:09 by Handir

We had a few wipenights on Blast Furnace first, and Feldspar tried his best to turn up the heat, but when the going gets hot the hot get going. Therefore us sexy Rofpians chalked up another kill!

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Twin Ogron Mythic down !
28/03/2015 10:00 by Kielehaal

We spend quite a bit of time with these guys on Mythic difficulty when Highmaul was the only raid instance, and got pretty close to downing them. We did not want to let all that effort go to waste and returned to HM to do the right thing. Twin Ogron Mythic down!
Thanks to all involved, including those who were not there for the kill but who contributed to all the learning before.

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Maidens hc downed!
19/03/2015 23:32 by Handir

Now that we've killed, already they're not maidens anymore, and a such they'll only be known as the iron womenorcs from this point on!

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Kromok hc converted into Kromok lootable corpse!
03/03/2015 01:06 by Handir

At first, there was Kromok, he was the Legend of the Mountain, then, there was us, some of us were legends of Pandaria but most did not use that title, then there was combat, now there is only loot.
And I took a selfie!

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Guild Applications
RofP is looking for a few more players to strengthen our team. See the forum post for more recruitment info.
Death Knight Death Knight open (dps)
Druid Druid open (feral dps)
Hunter Hunter open
Mage Mage closed
Monk Monk limited (dps&healer)
Paladin Paladin limited (dps)
Priest Priest limited (shadow)
Rogue Rogue closed
Shaman Shaman limited (resto)
Warlock Warlock open
Warrior Warrior open (dps)
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