Guild ranks

Guild ranks

Postby Kielehaal » Thu Jul 23, 2009 8:32 pm

The following are the different ranks within the guild:


The big Kahuna


Responsible for organising and keeping the guild from degenerating into complete chaos. Guild banker toons also hold this rank.

Officer Alts

Your officers by another name

Legend of RofP

Generally for ex-officers and members of the guild that have made a substantial impact/contribution to the guild


The core raiders within the guild and members that get some priority in selection for raids (within reason). Raiders are expected to raid/sign up on average at least 8 times per month, but ideally more. Raiders are expected to have a good understanding of their character and class, raiding experience, able to push out decent numbers (irl to gear), to not be standing in bad stuff and able/willing to work as part of a team within a raid.
Raiders get higher guild repairs and have some guildbank privileges.


Players who for whatever reason do not (yet) qualify for raider rank (e.g. not active enough or not performing well enough). This rank also includes people who just got promoted from trial. They will be member rank first, even though they may be on their way to raider rank in due time. They are generally only member for about 4 weeks.


Players who joined purely for social reasons (sponsored by at least 1 active member in good standing with the guild), or people who go inactive for a prolonged period of time. While social members can sign for raids, they will have lowest prio for a raid spot.
If a social member wants to become active in raiding, he or she is expected make a raider application, which will be considered wrt our recruitment needs at the time and the skill/gear etc of the player.


For all non-officer alts

The Naughty Corner

For members who need to cool down a bit


For all new members, trialists generally stay at this rank for about 2 weeks. This is the time to to see if they are a good fit with the guild and vice versae. Trialists can (and are generally expected to) sign up for raids, and will earn epgp but will have the lowest priority for bidding on boss drops. Trials have roughly the same priority for a raid spot as a raider, for the simple fact we need to be able see how they perform.

Not a separate rank, but we have several people who are active in pvp. This is denoted by the tag 'PvP' in their guildnote, but this has no bearing on rank.
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Re: Guild ranks

Postby Kielehaal » Mon Sep 06, 2010 9:30 am

updated post to explain guild ranks in more detail.
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