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Guild Application

Guild Introduction

Thank you for your interest in Reflection of Perfection. We ask that you please check first if we are recruiting your class. Our home page is usually up to date, as well as this thread[/color] which contains more information about what we are looking for in applicants. Also, we'd like you read this post about our guild so you have an idea of what you're getting yourself into :).

For an application: please anwer the following questions using this form, or alternatively make a new thread on the forums and copy the questions from the application form and fill out your answers next to these questions - the title should include your character name and class.
Note that filling out and submitting the form below will automatically make a post in our "applications" forums, and the application will be handled from there.

Please take your time for your application. We enjoy reading carefully written applications with well-thought answers. On the other hand, applications that look like they've been filled out in under a minute generally make for a less-than-ideal start for your potential recruitment.

After reviewing your application in the officer team (which may take a bit), an officer may try to contact you in-game for a chat (this is why we also ask for your alt names), or reply to your post on the forum if we have additional questions (so please check back here once in while). Don't hesitate to grab our attention if you've not heard anything after a few days.

Good luck!


Enter your application for the guild below and click the "Apply" button at the bottom and the guild will be automatically notified. You cannot edit your application once submitted, so make sure you're happy with what you've filled in before you submit!

Character Name
Current Realm
Sort of application (social/raider/pvp)
Spec, and tell us a bit why you chose thise specific one
Armory link (please log out in raid gear)
What previous guilds have you been in (if any), and why do you consider joining Reflection of Perfection
Who - if anyone - do you already know from our guild
What is your raiding experience
How often (on average) do you intend to sign up for raids each week (we raid on Wed, Thu, Sun and Mon, all from 20:15 till 23:00 game time)
Provide a link to WoL or warcraftlogs report for a recent raid on current content (optional but highly desirable)
How old are you & where are you from
Tell us a bit more about yourself (occupation, interests, something funny - share only what you're comfortable with)
Please enter the text in the image above.
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